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"Do it like you mean it." 


Hello, Amazing.

I'm Melinda.

I believe that whether you desire to find or forge a new path, to launch into your true purpose, to infuse your life with renewed passion and meaning, or to communicate your personal mission or leadership vision to the masses with confidence, potency, and ease,  

the guidance you seek resides within you.

This is a choice point.  

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Strategy of Transformation

We may begin from a single point of focus, but the tools for transformation can be applied throughout all areas of your life. My intention is to awaken your inner knowing and connect you back to the wisdom that already resides in you, to strategically aim it through your strengths to where you need it most, and empower you to utilize it with confidence, clarity, and purpose.


Identify your launch point. Gain clarity on where you are now, where you want to be, and what is stopping you from making your great contribution in the world and living the expansive and most meaningful life of your dreams.


Learn to move through and clear limiting blocks, stories, habits, and beliefs that no longer serve you or your highest path. Access your innate wisdom as your guide to making your great contribution in this world and to living your dream life. 


Strategically and intuitively engineer your dream life to start making your big impact in the world NOW, by learning to show up show up as whole, authentic, expressive, glorious YOU. 


You've gained clarity on where you are and where you are going. You've cleared what is standing in the way. You have audaciously dreamed into your dream life. Now it is time to become Architect by take aligned action, guided by your innate wisdom. 

Types of Transformational Work

Laser Coaching

Do not let the timeframe fool you. This coaching service is fast, effective, and sweeping in impact. 

Clear blocks and barriers, regain focus and clarity, and move forward with precise action steps toward your goals and dreams.

 20-30 minute sessions.

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Quantum Transformation Session 

Utilizing multiple coaching and healing arts modalities such as Quantum Healing, NLP, Clifton Strengths, and more; and tailored to your unique needs and goals. 

This service takes into account your whole being to shift and clear what is no longer serving you for lasting and ongoing personal transformation. 

Generally 50 minute sessions.

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Speaker & Performance Coaching 

Whether you speak for an audience or wish to strengthen interpersonal communication, this is for you. 

Combining coaching, performance, and communications strategies to prepare you to be a transformational speaker, performer, or leader.

90 minute sessions.

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"Working with Melinda for even just 20 minutes gave me clarity I have been searching for in therapy for years. Obstacles that have been clouding my judgement suddenly became crystal clear and through visualization I was able to identify what has been holding me back. Melinda is so in tune with the energy and people around her. This session felt tailor made to only me and my needs and desires. I feel more energized, clear, and excited about my life's path than I have felt in years!"

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